Alan Grapes

Amateur scribbler
exploring the wonder
of the written word

About this site

For the over twenty-five years I spent the majority of my spare time pretending to play the guitar (and on occasion, keyboard) in a number of local rock bands. Unfortunately, in 2018 a finger condition forced a long break in playing, so to fill the new and unexpected void I decided to explore another love of my life, that of the written word. 


This site is collection of my random scribblings, ranging from odd musings to more considered reviews, articles and features.  


If you do enjoy anything I would be most grateful if you could share it. If you would like to visit my Facebook page at you can leave me feedback. Alternatively you can message me directly using the contact tab.

Many thanks for visiting,



I am fifty something years old. I have worked my whole life for the government, as a civil servant for nineteen years and for the NHS since 2003. 

I enjoy music (particularly rock and 80's pop) classic BBC comedy, films and retro video gaming. I also spend far too much time watching and playing many sports, including football, cricket, golf and snooker.  

I refuse to take life too seriously, having undergone major heart surgery at the age of six and a fairly disconcerting health scare a few years ago. I am very grateful for my time on this planet and plan to spend as much of it as possible doing things that make me happy.

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