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About Us

Any rock or metal fan that pays more than a passing interest in the south coast live music scene has almost certainly encountered The Mafia at some point. The Mafia are THE definitive and longest running rock/metal covers outfit, formed in 1986 and still going strong. They can be found rocking out in pubs and clubs most weekends, well into an astonishing fourth decade of regular gigging.

Many musicians have played with The Mafia over the years and there have been a fair few different line-ups (about 26, at the last count!). But there was one incarnation, comprising Pete, Nob, Crow, Grapes and Mayfield, that remained unchanged for an impressive nine years from 1998 to 2006. We recorded four studio CDs and one semi-live one, and played well in-excess of 1,000 gigs.

That Mafia line up ended with Nob moving to France in 2006, Crow and Mayfield left the band in 2008 and Grapes (in a desperate attempt to earn some kind of long service award) played with them until 2013. Pete of course is Mr Mafia and still plays with them today. 

After leaving The Mafia, Nob played with local bands Creep and Kranefly (commuting from France to do so!). Crow played with Kranefly, Carnage, Dr Rock and also The Underdogs while working and living in Derby, and can currently be found fronting Monster. Grapes played with Black Rose, Thunderstruck and Dr Rock. As well as continuing to fly the Mafia flag, Pete also plays with Black Rose and has taken Truffle back on the road for some reunion gigs. As for Mayfield, it would probably be easier to list the bands that he hasn't engineered in that time... 

Having all gone our own way and despite us each continuing to gig regularly, apart from four songs played at The Mafia's 25th anniversary bash in April 2011 we hadn't shared a stage since 2007. We reunited in August 2022, first for a meal (sharing a room for the first time in eleven years!)...

...and then in a practice studio to prepare for the Mafia 35th celebration event (and yes, before you ask, we can count - it was a year late; you can thank Covid-19 for that!). Despite our average age being in the high 70's we found that the old magic was still there, with the music, humour and in particular the insults flowing as if no time had passed at all. Add to that the very real possibility of Mayfield finally getting that sound back and we all agreed that it would be fun to do some shows to inflict our very special brand of rock and roll on you all once more! So here we are!

Due to our advancing age (and the fact that Pete still plays in about 19 bands) we will play just a few times a year, revisiting those songs that we last battered into submission in the late 90's and early 2000's.


Feel like joining us? It will be great to see you all again!


The sum of five talentless idiots


Guitar & Vocals



Bass & Vocals


Drums & Vocals


Guitar, Keys & Vocals


(am fa fa fa)

Getting That Sound Back


Next patient please...

Bling Cheesy Moments

Dr Bling

He's not really a doctor but he'll examine you if you want...

Flash Cheesy Moments

Dr Flash

Yes he really is a doctor (honest!) and he'll examine you too if you want...

Harag Hagar Cheesy Moments
Harag Hagar Cheesy Moments


He's absolutely and categorically not a doctor, whatever he tells you. If he offers to examine you, remind him about the injunction...

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