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We have also discovered some grainy videos (probably taken on a Nokia 3310) so you can see the band in action from back in the day. Find them below, along with some more up to date recorings of the band...



The quality isn't great but you get an idea of the fun we used to have. This was taken at a Harley Davidson owners rally at Warmwell in Dorset. 

Rare footage of one of the first gigs we ever played, a bank holiday Monday at the Contented Pig in Portsmouth back in 1998. 

From the first to the last - the final 15 minutes of the last Mafia gig at the Contented Pig in Portsmouth in April 1999. 

Dressing up was par for the course, this was at the Cabin in Bognor Regis...

The final set from Swanage Carnival Marquee 2004.

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